Thursday, July 21, 2005

I walk to work

Here is a new video, the compresion is still messed up, but you can get the point. Click on the title "I walk to work' not the picture, that will play the video. More post after the first of August when I am back from Cambodia and Thailand!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Waiting for more video

I have some smaller video from walking around my hood, but just waiting for it to be put up by and then I can up the link on here. It is simple.
I am now moving on Thursday morning rather than Friday. This is good, Thursday is my easy day. I only teach four classes and have no privates (this week). So I need to finish cleaning my apartment and take my bed apart. My head is so scattered. Between my vacation, moving and securing all my crap in LA that is stored in my ex's basement who is moving also, so I am now renting the basement from his roommate, complicated, but it all worked out. shwew.
okay I am going to stare at the wall and see what goodies Ant has downloaded for me!

Sunday, July 17, 2005

sorry fer the fuzzyness

Hey All,
still trying to get the compression right, and I still haven't figured out how to make the image a link. So in the meantime click on the title to see the vlog.
also they are kinda hefty like 9mbs, again, the compression issues.
Im still working on it though.
I am heading to SE Asia on Saturday morning and moving to my new apartment on Friday morning, so everything is a bit crazy right now.

My first Korean apartment

Here is my first apartment in Korea. I am moving in a few days and my new apartment is tiny and small and no view and reminds me of living in NYC, no actually even in NYC I had better apartments than the one I am moving into. Well it is new, brand new, so no ghost, no strange ickys left over from other people. Anyway I just wanted to remember this great little loft I was able to live in for a year.

Friday, July 15, 2005

my first crappy video

Friday, July 08, 2005

A horace traveling around Asia (for now)

Hey All,
I'm Horace. I am an Amerikkkan living in South Korea. I have been here for a year now. I am starting to lose perspective as to what is odd and what is the norm. I started blogging when I got here and it was all strange and new, but then I stopped as it all became mundane. I kind of felt I needed to blog about exciting things and after a while it just wasn't exciting anylonger and I just spent more and more time in my apartment working on my art. So now as of late I have become obsessed with video blogs. I can't wait for the mornings so I can download all that I have subsribed to through Sundays and Mondays are a bummer because of no Rocketboom ( Oh yeah, I am half a day ahead of the US, so your stuff gets here late. which means new music Tuesdays is now Wednesday, that is so hard to get used to. Oh yeah I was talking about Vlogs, well anyway I am getting back into this because I am going to be starting a video blog soon. I switched to because taught me how and they used this one and while I was using....dang, I can't even remember, that has been a long time. Anyway I will post a link to it so if any of you are interested you can go back and see what my life was like when I was all new to Asia.
Okay so back to the vlogging thing. I ordered a little point and shoot camera that has super cool video capabilities, for the purpose of vlogging. It should be here anyday now. Im itching fer it, anyway I thought I should get the intro up and say Hey and who I am and why I am here so when the video starts rolling in I can let it speak for itself, because well I don't always feel like typing, as well as it is obvious now that I am. Oh yeah, I am a fan of run on sentences. Although now that I am teaching English, I am more conscience of my mistakes. And, I don't think Blogger has spell check, because I am sure I have misspelled something by now, but I see now little red underlines. Oh well, whatever. I have had a couple of Jacks and Diet Coke, to maintain my white trashness here in Asia. and I don't really give a damn.
Okay so my plans with my vlog are to document the things I find interesting and what I encounter and my travels. I am going to Thailand and Cambodia in two weeks for nine days. kinda short, but that is my summer vacation and then a week after that I will be in Osaka Japan for a couple of days on a 'visa run' and after that I am thinking about Bali for Xmas and I am leaving Asia at the end of February and heading back to the states, where I am going to travel around the country for about six months until finally settling in California in the mid late summer. So there should be some interesting video shot in the next year. I am also going to shoot the children that I teach and my coworkers and what ever misadventures I encounter with them. And, whatever I feel like shooting, there are plenty of things that still hold interest around here.
okay I am bored now. going to sleep. bye.

Monday, July 04, 2005